Don't wrap a present, wrap someone in a hug- Hug day

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Hug day is celebrated just two days before Valentine's day. It is celebrated on the 6th day of Valentines week. The hug day 2020 will be celebrated on 12th February 2020. It is an essential day in the valentine's week as couples feel the warmth of each other by getting intimate and hugging each other tightly. Hugs are known as symbols of love and care. A usual hug makes someone feels safe in your arms and that is the best present one can give. As per scientific research one be happy instantly by hugging.

Benefits of hugging
•Helps to communicate feelings what words can't- When people interact physically, a lot of things are said as touch is the first sense that develops in an individual, and it lasts till the end of time. A hug plays a crucial role in communicating feelings.
•Reduces stress – An apple day keeps a doctor away and a hug a day keeps the stress away. There is a relationship between the immune system and hugs when people often hug there are fewer chances of them falling sick often.
•Reduces nervousness- A hug from your loved one makes you feel safe as well as confident; this helps in lowering nervousness or stage fear.
•Get relief from pain- As per scientific research, it is known that hug helps in eliminating pain. A hug helps to release endorphins and improves circulation to remove the pain.

Best gift ideas for hug day
•Flowers- Flowers form a part of a unique celebration as hug day theme. Flowers can bring an instant smile on your lover's face with their stunning fragrance. One can choose to celebrate the day by gifting a plush bouquet by adding premium flowers like orchids, lilies or roses.
•Customized cushion- A cushion is something that always lies on one's bed. A personalised cushion can consist of a hug day quote or a cute picture of the couple, making it a memorable gift.
•Photo frames - Photo frames form the best gift one can give to each other as a picture speaks of thousand memories.

Types of hug
•Tight hug- A tight hug will make your partner the happiest.
•Side hug- A side hug is perfect for friends.
•Surprise hug- A surprise hug is loved almost by all as it is unexpected and makes a person smile instantly.

Hug your partners, not just one day but every day.

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