Seal the deal with a kiss- Kiss day

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Kiss is known as the silent language of the heart; a lot of things are communicated just with one kiss. It is an eternal language of love. Kiss day is celebrated a day before Valentine's day. It is the seventh day of Valentine's week. Kiss day 2020 falls on 13th February 2020. The day holds a lot of significance as after a week full of love celebrating various love related days and lovers have promised to be with each other till the end of the time. This is the final day to seal the deal with a kiss and celebrate love ever after and not only on Valentine's day.

Significance of kiss
A kiss is an intimate expression of love when lovers kiss it is a dreamy affair altogether. The experience makes lovers happy, and they find everything perfect at the moment. A forehead kiss by a man to his sweetheart makes her feel secure and wanted. One can make this day cherished forever by surprising the partner with amazing ideas.

Benefits of kissing
Boosts immunity- As per scientific research, it is a proven fact that kissing boosts immunity in females from Cytomegalovirus. It is contracted from mouth to mouth and is harmless among adults and helps in strengthening the body defences.

Helps to burn calories- The best way to burn calories and to lose weight is through kissing. It is a natural way of burning calories, and it burns the same amount of calories as jogging does.

Helps to keep the facial muscles strong- Your mouth gets a great workout during a make-out session that helps in toning the facial muscles and helps to make the muscle strong.

Helps you relax naturally- Kissing helps in increasing the oxytocin levels in the body that helps in calming the body naturally.

Kiss day gift ideas
Kissing teddies- A kissing day is a medium through which one can express their passionate love to their sweetheart. Lip shape cushion- A kiss shaped cushion is a great idea to make the day special as it gives a hint to your partner about kissing him or her.

Kiss day greeting card- Pen down your heartfelt emotions for your loved ones on a greeting card with kiss day quotes. The card will be kept forever by your partner.

Make the day special by kissing your loved one.

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