RIO Carnival – A fest that cannot be left unnoticed

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A Brazilian fest that is known as the greatest show on earth has gained a lot of popularity of late. The RIO carnival as per the catholic tradition symbolizes the start of the lent, the celebrations start on Friday and go on till Tuesday. Rio Carnival 2020 begins on Friday, February 21 and will last till Wednesday, February 26. The festival is incomplete without Sambodromo. The place is a meeting point of the carnival's festivities. It is the epicenter of the Rio de Janeiro Carnival. To understand the festival one should visit Sambodromo on Sunday and Monday to experience the best of the annual fest.

Why is Samba so important for the carnival?

When Sambodromo wasn’t constructed, the top Samba schools used to go around the streets to perform the Samba. But this was challenging for Rio officials so they decided to build an order. The main objective was to create a comfortable facility for the tourists to enjoy the fest and earn potential revenue through tickets. The stadium created accommodates around 80,000 visitors through the wide Marques de Sapucai Avenue. The heart of the carnival is the Samba that is a perfect example of an Afro- European culture.

Carnival’s Costumes

Flashy costumes resemble the exotic nature and sensuality of the fest. The costumes are a part of the story and aren’t selected just for the aesthetics. A lot of significance is given to costumes by Samba schools as they aim to display the origins of the European masquerades that form the spirit of the carnival.

Importance of Samba Schools

The stiff competition among the Samba schools makes the carnival more interesting. Once upon a time, these schools had just started as groups and clubs and then associations before what they are today the Samba schools. The schools support the poor sections in the surrounding areas so the host communities connect with the school.

Economic benefits of the carnival

Carnival isn't just an affair but also a commercial endeavor. As millions of foreigners visit the place the industry generates millions of dollars that creates a ripple effect on the economy as directly or indirectly millions of jobs are created. The tickets to the carnival are sold months before the date. The cost of the ticket varies from seat to seat. There are several parties or balls hosted in hotels beyond the walls of Sambodroma. The festival must be experienced once in a lifetime.

So, do not lose this opportunity to make the best of this amazing fest.

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