Show your beary much love with soft cuddle teddy- Teddy day

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Show your beary much love with soft cuddle teddy- Teddy day

Since childhood, many females have a strong connection with teddy. These teddies are a girl's best friends and the best secret keeper. Not being gender-biased, but it is a natural characteristic that females need to vent out their emotions whereas males are more logical minded. So teddy day is a day where females expect their male partners to gift them a cute teddy. Teddy day 2020 will be celebrated on 10th February. This day falls on the fourth day of Valentine week. Significance of teddy day
Teddy day promises to bring a smile on your lover's face by gifting a cute teddy. A teddy is known to be a symbol of love. Teddy day has got its name from US president Theodore Teddy Roosevelt as he had decided to honour his decision to not harm any animal in one of his hunting trips.
Why gift teddy?
Teddy is a girl's best friend, and they will be happiest by receiving an adorable teddy on this day.
Types of teddy to gift
  • Mushy teddy- If your lover is mushy to express feelings openly in front of everyone, then a heart holding teddy is the best gift your love.
  • Couple teddy- If you and your partner are inseparable, then gift a couple of teddy having two teddies. The couple teddy will always remind your lover about you and your happy times every time they see the couple teddy.
  • Animal teddy- A perfect gift for lovers who love animals. The animal teddy soft is adorable to cuddle with. The teddy can be a dinosaur, rhino or a cute penguin.

Teddy day ideas 2020

Celebrate the cuddle day by gifting an adorable teddy.

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