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What is Rose Day? Rose day quotes to make this Rose Day special.

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Life isn’t full of roses, But a day is- Rose Day
Valentine Week – A week full of love, begins with the Rose day. Rose day 2020 is celebrated on 7 th February 2020. The Rose is known for its marvelous scent and it is a symbol of love, purity, peace, and respect. The flower acts as a medium to pour out an individual’s feelings for someone special. The rose celebration was started by the Victorians as they exchanged roses to communicate the unspoken feelings.

Myth Behind- Rose day
An amusing story is connected with the Rose day when letters of the word “Rose” are reversed it turns out to be “Eros" that according to mythology is the God of Love. The goddess of love that is the goddess Venus loves red roses as per Greek mythology. But, that’s something very few people know about.

Rose’s are of different colors and for every color there is a meaning. Read ahead to know.

  • Red rose- A red rose depicts passionate desire and longing. The color is also associated with greek god and goddess, Venus or Aphrodite. The best way to tell someone ‘I love you’ is through a red rose.
  • Pink rose The pink rose depicts appreciation and admiration. The subtle shade of pink embraces happiness. The rose is a symbol of grace and elegance.
  • Yellow rose- The yellow rose is generally shared among friends as it communicates unspoken feelings of gratitude. Some friends come into your life to add more happiness to it. The rose is known as friendship rose.
  • White rose-The white rose depicts peace, purity, and unity. The rose is shared among new lovers as it is known as the holy flower that embraces the new beginnings. The flower is also used in weddings.
  • Orange rose- The orange rose depicts passion and gratitude. Various feelings of excitement, enthusiasm, and desire can be communicated by exchanging this rose. The rose can help one bring passionate romance and the excitement of a relationship can be expressed to a lover.

How many roses should one give?

  • One rose- If a lover gives only one rose then it is exchanged as a token of thanks.
  • Two roses- If a lover or anyone gives two roses it depicts a proposal of marriage. If red and white rose are given together it communicates peace.
  • Six roses- A lover communicates a need to be adored and cherished by giving six roses.
  • Eleven roses- A lover gives eleven roses when he or she is madly and deeply in love.
  • Thirteen roses- Usually thirteen roses are given to tell someone that they have a secret admirer.

Unique ways to celebrate rose day

  • Make a trail of roses- The best way to confess your feelings to your sweetheart is by making a trail of roses along with some lovely rose day quotes that make it a memorable day.
  • Decorate your partner’s car with roses- There isn’t a better rose day gift than surprising your partner by decorating the car with a bouquet of roses.
  • Rose spa- Rose infused spa can be arranged for the partner as it makes a day relaxing and unforgettable.

Make your Rose day memorable by using unique ideas for your partner and make him/her feel special.

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